Educational Grant

Purpose:  To promote the education of the students of the Marshfield Public School system by providing educational materials, improved educational environment, or special studies that might otherwise not be available.

Who may apply:  Any educator of the Marshfield Public School system may apply.  They may re-apply each year for the same or different purpose.

Timeline:  The application period for this year opens February 1, and ends March 5, 2024.  NOTE: (March 5 is the last date for applications to be received by the MPSF Board of Directors.)

Duration of the Grant:  Expenditures reimbursed by the grant are to be made no later than November 1rst.  Extensions may be given for Spring activities/programs, subject to approval by the Superintendent.

Amount of the grant:  The maximum dollar amount of each teacher’s grant is $500.

Quantity of grants:  The number of grants shall be determined by the Marshfield Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors each year.

Payment of grants:  All purchases are to go through the school.  Once the total amount has been spent, the school will send the MPSF notice with copies of invoices, and the school will be reimbursed for the proper amount, not exceeding the amount of the grant.

Rules/guidelines for application:  The following will be required to be completed by any educator of the Marshfield Public School system before consideration of the grant application.  No application will be considered if incomplete.

  • Name of educator applying for grant and grade level
  • Purpose of the grant (include SPECIFIC explanations as to how the grant is to be utilized and spent.)  General statements such as “software will be purchased” will NOT be accepted.  BE SPECIFIC such as “ABC Software at 149.95 at So and So software company…
  • Clearly state the amount applied for.  Itemized lists are needed, but have a total cost of grant applied for as well.
  • Explanation of need
  • Statement as to how the use of this grant will benefit the students of the Marshfield Public Schools
  • Selection of the grant recipient(s) will be determined solely by the Marshfield Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors or a sub-committee as directed by the MPSF Board of Directors
  • All payments of the grant will be made solely for the purpose of the grant.  No payment will be made to the educator.  Proper bills and invoices must be submitted for reimbursement through the Marshfield Public Schools.
  • All applications shall be made on line at the MPSF website,
  • Application deadline will be strictly adhered to.

Contact persons:  For any questions or further information, you may contact the MPSF board through the email provided on our website, www.marshfieldpsf.orgThank you for all you do for our schools and our students


The Marshfield Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors is proud to announce we are now taking grant applications for the school year 2024-2025.  This is the nineteenth year we have been able to offer these grants to our teachers.  Note:  We are accepting applications online only this year. Please use the guidelines attached to complete your grant application.  We will be offering at least two grants for this coming school year, each for a maximum of $500.00.

Any application which is incomplete will not be considered.  Please follow the guidelines that are attached.  Should you have any questions, please contact the MPSF by using the email listed on the website,

No application will be considered after March 5, 2024.

The grants will be awarded during the last work day of the 2024 school year.

We are excited to be able to promote education in this way.  Thank you for being a part of our children’s development! 


The Board of Directors of the Marshfield Public Schools Foundation:  Dr. Rex Newcomb, President; Lyndall Fraker, Vice-Pres.; Stanley Whitehurst, Treasurer; Regina Spriggs, Secretary; and members:  Martha Foglesong, Elizabeth “Lib” Sims, Tom Henson, Christy Jones, Sherri Price.

Teacher Grant Application